CMSC 23230/CMSC 33230: Engineering Interactive Electronics onto Printed Circuit Boards

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Welcome 2024 class!
If you are registered you have received all the welcome details in your inbox, please read those accordingly and install Kicad 8 ahead of Friday's first lecture in CSIL 5. Also, note this class is oversubscribed, do not come if you are not officially registered.
Published by Pedro Lopes on Mar 18 2024

Helpdesk email (email us for any questions during class)
Published by Pedro Lopes on Jan 6 2023

2023 Class done!
Congratulations on the final projects, incredible PCBs!

Published by Pedro Lopes on Feb 23 2023

2021 Class done!
Congratulations on the final projects of the first ever PCB class at the University of Chicago

Published by Pedro Lopes on Feb 23 2022

Expected workload

In this class you will engineer your own PCB from the ground up, by: designing it, engineering it, send it off to manufacturing, debugging it and improving it.


This class is designed for those that have taken one of the following:


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